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How To Use Android 4 Tablets - Basics Of The Operating System - Tutorial For Android How To Use Android 4 Tablets - Basics Of The Operating System - Tutorial For Android
http://whattabletpc.com/ Tutorial for Android showing how to use Android 4 Tablets and the basics of the Android operating system for mobile devices. Android Ice Cream Sandwich is the latest version of Google's Android operating system for smartphones and mobile tablets. How to use Android 4.0 for tablets - this video introduces a tutorial/guide on navigating Android using taps, swipes and flicks of a finger tip. Although, the video shows you how to operate Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating systems, the same approach can be taken for using Android 3 Honeycomb tablet PCs. If you've got an even earlier version of Android on your tablet PC then a lot of the principles will be the same but the screens may look different. We look at unlocking an Android tablet PC, selecting apps and widgets and generally tour the Android interface. How to change wallpaper background on an Android tablet PC - including live and static wallpapers on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. A guide through the Android home screen desktops and how to navigate through them. A guide through the features of the Android tablet home screen - including using Google search on your Android tablet, how to find Apps and Widgets on Android, undo/back button, home button, and how to access your latest open apps/multitasking view on Android. The full list of what the video shows is as follows: Navigating through the web, YouTube, Camera, Gallery, email, Music etc. shortcuts on Android. Notification area - where you can see as new notifications, emails, downloading apps etc. How to set the orientation of your Android tablet and how to change settings in Android to lock the screen and turn-off the auto rotate screen feature so that you lock your Android screen. Navigating your Android tablet with a single tap to select apps and long taps to set wallpaper. How to set-up short cuts in Android so you can configure your home screens/desktops Using pinching to zoom-in and zoom-out of images in Android.. Flicking to jump between Android home screens. The Android keyboard and how you use it to search the web via the quick Google search feature. That's it for the features, if you're interested, this video shows Android 4 on the Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime tablet. I'll be posting more Android tutorials soon so subscribe to the TabletPCUK YouTube channel for more Android tutorials and Android tablet video reviews coming soon. If you want to get free email updates about Android tablet PC reviews and tutorials then visit http://whattabletpc.com/choose-the-best-tablet-pc/ If you found this video useful then please press the "Like" button or leave a comment. I'm happy to answer questions too.

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HARD FORCE SHUTDOWN - FACTORY RESTORE & BACKUP & RESET - 3 RESET WAYS on ANDROID TABLETS REVIEW, look for a tiny reset pinhole along the case it may reset the tablet too All RESETTING Ways Below Holding Down Certain Sequence of Keys or Buttons will put Most Tablets or Android Phones in Service mode to Factory Restore to New. Hold Vol + & Power 20 sec Hold Vol - & Power 20 sec Hold Vol + - & Power 20 sec Hold Home & Power 20 Sec Hold Vol + & home & Power 20 sec Hold vol - & home & power 20 sec Hold Vol + - & Home & Power 20 Sec Hold Reset Button 30 sec Note- Use Volume + - to Move Up and Down in Service menu But you Can Use a usb mouse to Select Option in Android Settings To backup & Restore too in the Video Description there is More different Ways to Reset Tablets 1 Hold Volume + & Power 20 sec 2 Hold Vol - & Power 20 sec 3 Hold Vol + - & Power 20 sec 4 Hold Home & Power 20 Sec 5 Hold Vol + & home & Power 20 sec 6 Hold vol - & home & power 20 sec 7 Hold Vol + - & Home & Power 20 Sec 8 Hold Reset Hole Button 30 sec 9 Open Tablet cover and unplug battery wire for 20 sec. 10 Plug Tablet into PC using data cable & download Software from Their Website Support Tab. 11 Hold Power 20 sec. Technical Customer Support Number Google Play team, call 855-836-3987 HTC ANDROID- Phone:1866-449-8358 NEXUS PRODUCTS- Call 855-83-NEXUS GOOGLE telephone: +1 650 253 0000 OR Phone:1650-623-4000 ASUS customer tech Product Support: PC/ tablet repair services 1-888-678-3688 or 1877-339-2787 LG-800-243-0000 Samsung -1-800-SAMSUNG (1-800-726-7864) i Hope This Helps, "Share" this Video on Facebook if this May Help your Family or Friends Fix Their Tablets 8^)

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RCA 9 RCA 9" Tablet Review

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